Thanks for stopping by! Hi, My name is Rahul and I am a Delhi based Lifestyle influencer. Currently I am pursuing post graduation in journalism from Indian Institute of Mass Communication. Besides being a full time student, I work as a free lance content writer. With the digitization of the world, I also evolved myself to dwell in the virtual world and I proudly declare myself a social media addict. Name any platform and I have my footprints there :). It is this inner enthusiasm and grasp that has directly resulted in the formation of Big Boys Diary.

Big Boys Diary, as the name is, includes anything and everything to do with adult men of today. While I indulged myself exploring and experimenting all aspects of lifestyle be it what I wore, what I ate to where I went, this is where I started chronicling all the loving memories. Which started initially with appreciation from friends and family, gradually came into being recognized by people out of the gang has today converted into a community of likeminded folks. The uniqueness is growing bigger and better each day as they find the content relatable, admirable and applicable in their live. I have myself nurtured this to what it is today, and will continue adorn it with more elements.

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