5 Most Expensive Bikes In The World : Beasts between the leg

When we see Dwayne Johnson, John Statham, Hrithik Roshan like actors are riding those supercool bikes, we all desire to feel that beasts between the leg. Though a motorcycle is every man’s fantasy, not necessarily we all love it for the same reasons. Some love bikes for the speed while others for design, some likes it for carrying historical values while some others like it for the sophisticated and advanced technological addition. Although we might have different reasons, this love and madness for the bikes are a constant which result in outrageous prices of these magnificent bikes.

In this article, we are going to introduce you with 5 most expensive bikes in the world and the strange story behind their extreme pricing.

Here we go!

5. BMS Nehmesis – 20.86 Cr

This customized bike with gold platted components has made into the list at the 5th position. This super-premium bike with an automatic clutch by BMS choppers has won the prestigious Rat Hole Show in Daytona. This gigantic glittering bike has swingarm rear suspension which enables the bike to lift by 10 Inches from the ground.
Reason for the price – The gold plated component (Obviously), extremely unique design

4. Hildebrand & Wolfmuller – 24.3 Cr

Holding the distinction of being the first production bike of the world, the Hilderbrand & Wolfmuller first produced in 1896. With no clutch and pedals, this motorcycle was totally Run & Jump model. And for a no surprise, the bike was commercially not very successful and production was stopped in 1897.

This vintage bike will take you back to 19th centuries but for sure the price tag will bring you back in the present time.

Reason for the price –  The vintage value associated with the bike.

3. Ecosse ES1 Spirit – 25 Cr.

Ecosse ES1 is an ultimate manifestation of bike lovers desire and fantasy. This roaring superbike is customizable and Escosse team can customize the engine and design for the buyers. The maker, Dick Glover, has envisioned this bike as a two-wheeler with F1 car technology. Thereby, the manufacturers have attempted to apply all the advanced technologies available in the field of the automobile to this bike.
Reason for the price – The option of customization, technological evolution, radical designing and super-efficient engine

2.1949 E90 AJS Porcupine –  48.6 Cr

This British racing bike was built by Associated Motor Cycles in the 1940s. This bike had 500CC engine and it won 1949 FIM 500 CC world championship. But this championship was the only big event won by this bike and later on this racing superbike was discarded as unreliable.

The bike used DOHC twin-engine, and Jam-Pots shocks technology,

Reason for the price – The company was going through financial trouble and could produce only 4units of this beast which made it super exclusive resulting in this outrageous price.

1.Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter beasts – 72 Cr

And finally the most expensive bike in the world. Neiman Marcus Limited edition fighter bike was manufactured by Neiman Marcus and surprisingly Neiman Marcus is not an automobile company. Neiman Marcus, originally the chain of the departmental store in the USA, specialises in luxury, shoes, clothing and hangdbags.
The revolutionary design of this extremely limited bike has helped it to occupy the first position in the list of the most expensive bike because speed (maximum 190KMPH) is definitely not an X factor.

Beasts between the leg

So, which one of these amazing bikes you want to ride in the coming future. Let us know your views in the comment section.

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