An evening at Smoke House Deli

Delhi is heaven for food lovers because of the great range of the food it offers. So, if you are in Delhi, its sin to say that you are missing your home’s food. Be it, South Indian, Continental, Thai, Chinese, or Bengali, you will get everything as per your swinging cravings.
It was Sunday evening at the heart of Delhi,i.e CP, and we were looking for some authentic continental food but was not in the mood to experiment and in condition to roam, so, without thinking twice we headed into Smoke House Deli.

Diwarein Bol then (The wall will Speak )
Ambience The moment we opened the Tuscan Garage Door we entered in a narrow and high lane which opens in a large hall. This narrow lane has the bar section while the main restaurant extends in the large hall. The light cream-coloured walls are covered with graffiti and paintings narrating a visual story of the CP through timelines.

                                                What’s on the Table
It was evening and we were not yet ready for the dinner so, we decided to go for the snacks. So, we ordered-
1. Masterchef pasta –

At Smokehouse Deli, you can create pasta of your own choice by selecting from the list of different types of pasta, sauces and add-ons. We chose –

Penne + Cheesy Alfredo +Mushrooms +Smoked Chicken

                                          2. French fries

The evening snacks remain incomplete without french fries. Among the two things with ‘french’ as a prefix, I like the fries more.

                                     3. Cheese Garlic Bread

4. Beverages


Feedback Diary-
Turn on – Authenticity, taste and ambience
Turn Offs – The menu was tough to crack, bit noisy and bright
Will I go back – yes, for the (beverage)



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