Potbelly Restaurant Review : A Cultural Reunion

Its been around a year when the last time I  visited Bihar and enjoyed Bihari cuisine. Thereby I was badly craving for authentic Bihari food. Also, I was thinking to introduce my Bengali girlfriend with Bihari cuisine, so, yesterday when we planned for a dinner date, PotBelly was an obvious choice. Pot Belly, a restaurant, situated in Bihar Nivas is famous for serving Bihari Food/cuisine carrying the heritage of influence from the Maurya, Bengal Nawabs, Buddhists, Jains, Turks & Mughals. It feels like a homecoming for me.


Potbelly, overlooking the greenery of Bihar Nivas, has nicely integrated the green feel into its interior which facilitates a refreshing and calm feel. Consists of a wide variety of food speciality from almost every regions of Bihar, the menu is very comprehensive and mouthwatering.

What’s on the Table 

Feedback  Diary 

Turn ons – Taste, Ambiance, Prices
Turn Offs – Excessive spicy
Will I go back – YES.

Not just the best place to eat Bihari Food, the restaurant is actually one of the best places to eat in Delhi. Heaven for the food lovers and food bloggers.

Suggestion– Include Bihari Folk Music in your playlist to give more authenticity to the ambience.



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