Thomson Android TV : Ready to take Indian market by storm

The digital transformation of the entertainment industry led a massive shift from the big screen to the smaller screen in the form of mobile, tab and laptop. The entire dynamics of the entertainment consumptions has changed which also result in rising of individual creators, web series etc. Now since the television industry is switching to Smart version by inculcating all the modern and advanced technology, will Television be able to regain its lost place in the world of entertainment?

Recently I got a chance to attend the launch of Android TV by Thomson and two most prominent trend I noticed –

  1. Smart TV is trying to replicate the entertainment experience available in mobile by providing the flexibility of switching between different apps without much hustle. The TV is also trying to infuse advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, gaming etc to further augment the entertainment value.
  2. Interestingly, these increasing facilities don’t have any impact on the pricing as the pricing remains very reasonable.

Now coming back to the most important question that will TV be able to regain its spot. Although mobile has gained prominence in all these years Television has remained there. For this, the socio-cultural structure of Indian society where the joint family culture is still very prominent can be held responsible.

Thomson Android TV can be a  game changer because of the advanced technologies like Google Assistant and platforms like Netflix has been integrated. So the days have gone when we use to call TV an Idiot Box because now it is a Smart BOX.




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