Colors of Pink City : Jaipur

Jaipur the Pink City, founded in 1727 by Sawai Raja Jaisingh of Kacchwaha dynasty, is capital of State of Rajasthan and home of two UNESCO world heritage site, Amer Fort & Jantar Mantar.

Apart from the architectural grandeur, the city is also famous for splendid intangible cultural heritage in the form of culinary, folk music & folk dance and crafts.

In this blog apart from covering the major tourist attractions and places to visit in Jaipur, I have also tried to showcase different colours of this vibrant city.

1.Amer Fort


2.Nahargarh Fort


3. Hawa Mahal

4.Jal Mahal

5.Chokhi Dhani

6.Jaigarh Fort

7.Royal Albert Hall Museum

8. Intangible Cultural heritage



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